The present research focuses on the crossroads where colour, interior design, and interaction design meet. A significant body of research finds that colour has an important impact upon humans’ lives. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the value of colour.

There is some research with regard to adults’ colour perception in interior spaces (Billger 2000); (Billger 1999); (Harleman, Werner et al. 2007); (Yildirim, Capanoglu et al. 2012). Early studies show blue and white were always  preferred the most by adults (Eysenck 1941, Granger 1955, Guilford, Smith 1959) (Saito 1996). However, there is no research with regard to teenagers’ colour preference of their bedrooms.

Literature reviewed so far shows that colour used in interior design has a positive or negative impact on people’s mood.

Few of this research project’s aims are:

  • to find out if teenagers are influenced by colour within bedroom design;
  • if yes, then what kind of moods teenagers associate to a number of colours?

Methods used so far were questionnaires and design methods such as colouring 3D paper bedroom model.



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